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Antique Terms (J)

Antique Marks Glossary covering Antique Terms beginning with J From Jacobean to Jugendstil, below you will find antique terms beginning with the letter 'J' and other related words or antique terms begining with 'J'. jackfield (ceramic - japanese lacquer) Ceramics imitation of Japanese lacquer ware initially produced at Jackfield in Shropshire from c. 1750. It is also known as japanned ware and is covered in a glossy black glaze with gilded decoration. It was also produced by astbury, ... Continue Reading

Pottery Wall Plaque Marked BAS Deruta Italy

This Pottery Wall Plaque marked BAS Deruta Italy belongs to a client of mine. by Jan, Cargo Direct (South Africa) I am a ceramic conservator, and although the wall plaque is in perfect condition albeit a llitle dusty. I cannot find any reference to it. Photos of the BAS Deruta Italy Pottery Wall Plaque Decoration with close up of BAS Deruta Italy markin photo below It is a three cornered wall plate with folded edges, tied with gilded laces. The edges have a raised design and the ... Continue Reading

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