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An Unusual Moorcroft Vase

Help Identifying an Unusual Moorcroft Vase by Mr. F.E.O'Doherty (London, England) I have been asked to sell a number of items belonging to my Mother in law (Yes we actually get on). I could do with some help regarding the age and value, if possible, of this Moorcroft vase. I have included 4 photos of the vase, one of which shows the Moorcroft base marks. The base marks include Moorcroft and Made in England stamped in green and it has 3 blue dots on it. The scribble ... Continue Reading

Rare Moorcroft Vase

I would like some information on my Moorcroft Burslem vase. by Mary (Manchester, England) Photos show my rare and unique Moorcroft Vase & the measured size of the Moorcroft Vase I hope somebody out there knows something about it. I inherited the Moorcroft vase from my late grandmother. It is 14 inches tall and bulbous in shape, it has brown, darkish red and black circles all around it from top to bottom. It looks like the colours are all running into each other all the way ... Continue Reading

Large Moorcroft Pomegranate Vase

In packing up my mother's home after her recent death, I came across a Moorcroft Pomegranate vase. I have been researching online but have been unable to find one like this, so I am curious as to it's approximate value. It is 9.5" tall, 4.25" across the base, and 5.5" at it's widest part. It has 5 pomegranates around it, plus what appear to be grapes. From what I have read, I believe it is signed by William Moocroft and is stamped under the signature what appears to be "Potters to ... Continue Reading

William Moorcroft Florian Ware Vase

Hi, I have a beautiful William Moorcroft florian Ware vase and I am reasonably sure it dates to around 1898. It has the William Moorcroft signature mark and the Jas Macintyre & Co. Florian Ware base mark. The William Moorcroft signature is in green and has 'Des' below with Rd No.320468 and 'No.701'. The victorian antique marks page puts the Rd number at around 1898. I'm just wondering if anyone could possibly tell me what pattern the vase is? Thank you, Geraldine Comments ... Continue Reading