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Arts and Crafts Gallery

The Arts and Crafts Gallery. A few illustrated examples of Arts and Crafts wares. An arts and crafts gallery to provide a brief look at the exceptional quality and superb design available to the arts and crafts collector. The arts and crafts designers rejected the banality and inferior quality of industrially produced decorative arts by promoting a return to a handcrafted medieval style craftsmanship. This can be seen in works by artists such as William Morris, William de Morgan, ... Continue Reading

Antique Terms (O)

The antique marks glossary - antique terms O covering everything from oak to oystering. From oak to oystering; below you will find antique related words for antique terms o and their antique meanings and definitions. oak (wood - medieval furniture - arts & crafts) Pale, hard and heavy timber that darkens to a rich brown with age and polishing. It was the main furniture-making wood during medieval times and up until about c1660, a period sometimes referred to as the Age of Oak. Oak ... Continue Reading