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The Rare Commodus Medallion

Coin Collecting Reviews - The Commodus Medallion. Obverse ... Commodus (AD 177-192), AE Medallion, AD 190-191, M COMMODVS ANTONINVS PIVS FELIX AVG BRIT, laureate and bearded bust of Commodus right, wearing paludamentum and cuirass, border of dots, rev COS VI (in exergue). Reverse ... Commodus standing right, wearing paludamentum and cuirass, holding parazonium and leaning on spear. Before him, Africa reclining left, wearing peplum and elephants skin head-dress, placing her right hand on ... Continue Reading

Archibald Knox

Archibald Knox was born in the village of Cronkbourne, near Tromode on the Isle of Man in the April of 1864. The son of William Knox, a master machine maker, originally from Ayr in Scotland, the young Knox was educated at elementary and grammar schools in Douglas, the islands capital. From 1878 to 1883 he studied at Douglas School of Art, gaining qualifications in Design and the Principles of Ornament. From 1884 to 1888, Knox taught art at the school and in 1889 he gained his Art Masters ... Continue Reading