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Limoges Porcelain and Marks

Concentrate on collecting top-quality antique Limoges Porcelain and you will always profit in the long term. Antique collectors have known for a very long time that Limoges Marks is the definition of quality porcelain. Serious collectors know that Limoges specialise in trinket boxes and that those little boxes are worth more than almost anything that could fit inside them. Limoges porcelain is considered the finest hard-paste porcelain in the world because of three very specific charac... Continue Reading

Art Deco Gallery

Our Art Deco Gallery featuring examples of the diversity and quality of items produced during the art deco period. A gallery of the ever popular art deco style. The architectural and decorative-arts style popular from 1910 to 1940, that is characterised by highly stylised and geometric forms. Art Deco themes were often classical motifs reduced to geometric stylisations. From Edgar Brandt decorated wrought-iron screens with symmetrical fountains and Emil Ruhlman ebony cabinets with ivory ... Continue Reading

Timber Hills Antiques

Timber Hills Antiques provides beautiful fine living accents for your home. Specialising in French Limoges Porcelain, English Pottery, Transferware, Majolica and Faience wares Continue Reading

Collectible Limoges Cocoa Set. I now have six

My grandmother collected chocolate pots, china teapots and Limoges Cocoa Sets by Marisa Test (USA) Photo shows my De Havillands Limoges Cocoa Set This Cocoa set has a cocoa pot and six small cups and saucers. The bottom is marked "CFH/COM", and is supposedly from the period of 1882-1891 by the De Havillands. It is stamped Limoges. My grandmother passed down six different Limoges cocoa sets and I now own them all. I also have a sugar, creamer and teapot given to her in 1939 when the ... Continue Reading