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Rare & Collectable Japanese Imari Porcelain

Japanese Imari Porcelain is a very popular collectible that appeals to all sorts of ceramics collectors. Some prefer the more modern Derby Imari porcelains but to truly appreciate Imari you really have to add a few good quality Japanese Imari porcelain pieces to your Oriental porcelain collection. There are plenty of pieces available and they range in price from just a few pounds to the high hundreds or thousands. Continue Reading

Collect Japanese Antiques & Reap Rich Rewards

Japanese antiques provide a link to the rich culture and fascinating history of Japan. The collector has many choices but Kutani, Satsuma and Imari ceramics are a good choice as are the more affordable Netsuke Continue Reading

A Look at Rare & Collectable Japanese Netsuke

Collecting Rare Japanese Netsuke offers the Oriental enthusiast an opportunity to dive headlong into Japanese history & culture. Netsuke feature scenes from everyday Japanese life and Japanese religions from Buddhism to Shintoism. Netsuke come in various forms and styles and the collector should understand the difference between Sashi, Kagamibuta and Ichiraku Netsuke. Continue Reading