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Thomas Chippendale (1718 to 1779)

Thomas Chippendale 1718-1779 Who was the antique furniture maker Thomas Chippendale (1718 to 1779)? Thomas Chippendale is probably the best known British cabinetmaker. He was a leading British cabinetmaker whose work was extremely influential during the early Georgian period. It was widely copied and imitated in later years.   Early Life Thomas Chippendale was born in Oatley, Yorkshire in 1718 into a family of carpenters. Not much is known of his early life and career. In 1748, ... Continue Reading

Gold Indian Princess Head Dollar

A look at the Indian Pricess Head Dollar designed by James Longacre. A Type 2 Gold Indian Princess Head Dollar, dated 1854. Small head graded MS64. Over 8000 graded but only around 100 graded higher than the example below. Obverse: Small Head Indian Princess - UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Reverse: Wreath - 1 DOLLAR 1854 A similar graded coin sold for $20,700 at Heritage Auctions in December 2009. 2010 Auction Estimate for a Gold Indian Princess Head Dollar c1854... $15,000 to $20,000 ... Continue Reading

Rare Gold James I Unite Coin

A look at an extremely rare and beautiful 17th century Gold James I Unite Coin (20 Shillings) Condition: XF Minted: London. Mint Mark: Tun (wine cask) Denomination: Unite (20 Shillings) Mint period: 1615/1616 (2nd coinage, 5th bust) Reference: Friedberg 234, Seaby 2620, North 2085 Obverse: Crowned and armoured half-length figure of James I. Facing right, holding orb and list-topped sceptre. With Legend: (tun) IACOBVS : D : G . MA . BRI . FRA . ET . HI . REX . Reverse: Crowned shield ... Continue Reading

Dalzell Farm Five Francs

Coin Collecting Reviews - The Rare Dalzell Farm Five Francs coin Scotland, Dalzell Farm, c1807. Counterstamped French five francs. This counter stamped coin, was used to pay workers on the Scottish Dalzell Estates, and was issued by Archibald James Hamilton (1793-1834). Obverse ... Bayonne, bust with reverse countermark in wreath. Reverse ... Adjustment marks by date. Countermark very fine, coin good to fine, very rare. ex Walter Allen Collection, Spink, 14 Mar 1984. ex Gibbs ... Continue Reading

Calabria Tarentum

Coin Collecting Reviews - The Calabria Tarentum (276-272 BC) The city of Tarentum was founded in 708 BC by Spartans who had been instructed to settle by the Taras River in Italy by the Oracle of Delphi. This coin is what is known as a didrachm. The drachm was the basic Greek silver monetary unit and the didrachm (stater) was worth two times its value. Calabria, Tarentum. Circa 276-272 BC. AV Hemistater (4.24 g, 9h). Obverse with head of Herakles right, wearing lion skin Reverse with ... Continue Reading

Worcester Antiques Shop

Worcester Porcelain Collectibles at the Royal Worcester Antiques Shop As the oldest continuously operating ceramics factory in the UK, Royal Worcester antiques come in a wide variety of quality porcelain products. Including the ever popular blue and white porcelain from the 1st period and Dr Wall era. Also offering highly collectable Worcester antiques in the much sought after Worcester Fruit painted porcelain category and an endless stream of beautifully hand painted porcelain by ... Continue Reading

Royal Worcester Stinton

The Royal Worcester Stinton story and details for John Stinton jnr, James Stinton and Harry Stinton. The Worcester Stinton dynasty is renowned for their famous Highland Cattle and Gamebird scenes. They are probably the best known of all Royal Worcester artists, with members of the family painting at the various Worcester factories for almost one hundred and sixty years. The best known of these would undoubtedly be Harry Stinton, his father John Stinton junior and his uncle James Stinton, ... Continue Reading

James Hadley

Royal Worcester Artist - James Hadley (1837 - 1903) In the 1850s James Hadley was apprenticed to Kerr & Binns of Worcester. He worked in the modelling department with Edward Locke and the young Thomas Brock. By 1870 James Hadley had become the principal modeller at Royal Worcester porcelain. In 1875 he left the Worcester factory and set up his own modelling studio at 95 High Street, Worcester. Hadley is reputed to have sold the complete output of his factories ornamental vases and ... Continue Reading

Royal Worcester Fruit

Royal Worcester fruit painted porcelain and the skill of the Worcester fruit artists. The beauty of Royal Worcester fruit painted porcelain can only be achieved thanks to the varied skills that the fruit painters and craftsmen possess. It is believed that Worcester artist Octar H. Copson, was the first to paint Worcester Fruit He painted a large plaque commissioned by a local farmer to celebrate the introduction of the pershore plum in 1880. Modern painters can train for up to seven ... Continue Reading

Royal Worcester Artists

Information on the foremost Royal Worcester Artists; everyone from Charles Baldwyn to Hadley, Sebright and Doughty. Over the years Royal Worcester and all of its many incarnations have employed or been associated with some of the best and most innovate ceramics artists. The artists detailed below are currently a very small selection of these but we hope to grow this list extensively over the years. Although Worcester porcelain takes a great many skilled hands to manufacture, from around ... Continue Reading