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Why Collecting Mexican Gold Pesos is a Great Investment

A Guide to Investing in very collectable Mexican Gold Pesos. Coin Collectors and investors that are looking for something a little different should consider Mexican Gold Pesos. A large selection of denominations especially small denominations makes the gold peso easy to acquire. Continue Reading

Roman Empire Medallions

Collecting Roman Empire Medallions and Roman Coins Roman Empire Medallions like other medallions are normally used to denote minted coin-like tokens not intended for general circulation. Medallions deviate from circulating coins in a variety of ways, such as in size, weight, appearance or motif. The small selection of roman coins shown here is just a small cross-section from the wide range of Roman Empire medallions. These large gold coins could be used to effect payments since they weighed ... Continue Reading

Rare Gold Danish Christian IV

A quick look at a rare square gold Danish Christian IV and the King of Denmark Gold Danish Christian IV (1588-1648) - 6-Daler, 1604, 12.95g, CHRISTIANVS.IIII. D.G.DA Obverse ... Crowned and armoured bust right within three lines of dots with cross in each angle. Reverse ... VI. .DAL. 1604 in three lines in a dotted circle within a dotted square, trefoil in each angle. H 11A; Schou obverse 2, reverse 3 var; F 45 Bold very fine and extremely rare gold coin. ex Schlessinger (Berlin) ... Continue Reading

George III Five Guinea Gold Coin

Coin Collecting Reviews - A Rare collectible George III five guinea gold coin dating c1770, by John Tanner. Obverse ... Young laureate, long-haired bust with love-lock of hair on left shoulder. Reverse ... Crowned shield with arms, date either side of crown. (S.3723; L&S.1; Montagu 510 attributed to Yeo; Murdoch 118/119; Nobleman W&R.76), About FDC. Ex. Glendining 12 October 1992, where it realised £49,500. Interestingly, there was also a Vigo 5 guineas in the same sale that ... Continue Reading

The Rare Brasher Doubloon

Coin Collecting Review - The Rare Brasher Doubloon Ephraim Brasher was a noted goldsmith and silversmith who was highly regarded for his skills, and well known for his hallmark, which he stamped on his own coins and the coinage sent to him for assay. In 1787 Brasher made a small number of doubloons and other coins for general circulation. Doubloons because they were the coin of the realm and at the time, America had no established currency standard. There were mints operating in some ... Continue Reading

Austrian Four Ducat Coin

Coin Collecting Reviews - The Austrian Four Ducat Coin dated 1915. Austrian Four ducat coins dated 1915 are still being produced by the Austrian Mint and issued as official re-strikes. Ducats are produced in high purity gold, of 23 and three quarter carats, which places them among the highest purity gold coins ever issued for circulation. Ducats were first issued by Austria in 1612 with the last regular issue of ducats in 1914. All Austrian four ducat coins dated 1915 are re-strikes and ... Continue Reading

Collecting the 1804 Silver Dollar

The 1804 Silver Dollar For those interested in collecting rare and unique American silver coins, the 1804 silver dollar will probably be one of the first they will want to add to their coin collection. The 1804 silver dollar is not only one of the rarest but also one of the most popular silver dollars. Considering the 1804 dollars weren't made until 1834 and are still popular with coin collectors, says a lot about them. The 1804 silver dollar is one of the most publicized of US coins. ... Continue Reading

Antique Terms (U)

An Antique Marks Glossary of Antique Terms & Meanings beginning with U From undercut to urn, below you will find antique related words or antique terms beginning with 'u' and covering eveything in between. undercut (furniture - carving ) Ornamental carving that is cut so deep that the decoration stands out from the body of the piece and that in some parts stands completely free of it. underframing (furniture - support) The support structure under a seat, table top, dresser, cabinet ... Continue Reading

Value Collectible Coins

A look at the criteria used to value collectible coins. Before a collectible coin can be valued, a coin dealer or collector will examine it closely. They will then categorize the coin by placing it into one of the obvious categories by denomination or type. This is not always as easy as it seems. Every now and then a mint will strike odd coins, medals or tokens aimed primarily at collectors. Coin sets commemorating the Olympics or a significant historical event such as the first Apollo ... Continue Reading

Coin Collecting Terms

A Glossary of Coin Collecting Terms and their Meanings ... Collecting Coins, like any passion hobby or interest has built up a set of coin collecting terms. A language all of its own. Words and phrases used by coin collectors, numismatic practitioners and students of numismatics. These basic numismatic terms, which are likely to cause the most difficulty for both the novice and the advanced coin collector, are included in this coin collecting glossary. Our Index of Coin Collecting Terms and ... Continue Reading