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Doulton Lambeth Stoneware

Great Deals on Rare & Collectable Doulton Lambeth Stoneware Including antique Doulton stoneware vases and other pieces by Hannah Barlow, George Tinworth, Florence Barlow, Eliza Simmance and many other Royal Doulton artists. Lambeth stoneware designs are quite diverse and pieces are always marked. The Doulton marks almost always include the words 'Doulton Lambeth' with pieces usually signed or including the artists monogram. Royal Doulton Stoneware probably epitomises the art and ... Continue Reading

Doulton Artists Marks (T)

Royal Doulton artists marks and monograms beginning with the letter T. A selection of Royal doulton artists marks that includes George Hugo Tabor and the superb George Tinworth monograms. Marks & Monograms are sorted alphabetically by surname from left to right. You can also find real life examples of Doulton marks and artist monograms on the Pottery Marks index and the Antiques & Collectibles Gallery pages. Royal Doulton artists and their assistants were permitted to use a mark or ... Continue Reading

Mark V. Marshall

Doultons Mark Marshall like George Tinworth, trained at the Lambeth school of Art After training at Lambeth he moved on to work at a local masons yard During this period he also helped at the Martin Brother's pottery until 1874, when he joined Royal Doulton. Mark Marshall's work is some of the boldest and most exuberant ever produced at the Doulton Art Pottery. Many of his pieces undoubtedly owe much to the Martin brothers, with grotesque and fanciful animals modeled in high relief and ... Continue Reading

George Tinworth

Royal Doultons George Tinworth was their most important designer of decorative vases, jugs and humorous figures and animals. George Tinworth (1843 - 1913), was born in Walworth in 1843 the son of a wheelwright. George was supposed to work with his father but he liked to spend his time carving bits of wood. George Tinworth's talent as a modeller and potter were recognised by J. C. L. Sparkes, the headmaster at Lambeth School of Art, where Tinworth, having pawned his overcoat to pay for his ... Continue Reading

George Tinworth Mice Play Goers

Wondeful Royal Doulton Collectible from my George Tinworth Mice Collection. Dated 1886 and called Play Goers by Pam (Delray, Florida) I inherited this George Tinworth mice figure from my great grandmother, this is part of my mouse collection, which was also passed down to me. It shows three little mice in front of a puppet stage, with a musician mouse to the left and a collection mouse to the right. Two tiny Tinworth mice are on stage, with a puppeteer mouse way back inside the ... Continue Reading

Doulton Burslem Vase with Frogs Mice & Birds

I have an interesting Doulton Burslem china vase with Frogs Mice & Birds, I would like to share. by Peter Roberts (Australia) Photo of Doulton Burslem Vase showing frogs The vase is stamped on the base Doulton Burslem with the coronet on top and England underneath which I have been able to find out dates it between 1891 -1902. The number 356 is also inscribed on the base. There are no other marks. Size is 17cm in height and condition is very good with no damage. I have been search... Continue Reading