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Collecting Custard Glass. Popular Collectible Glassware

Custard Glass is one of the earliest known colours of glass, it's been around a long time and remains very popular among glass collectors. In the US it got its colour form the addition of uranium salts but the amounts are extremely small. Sowerby Glass and Northwood Glass produced custard glass in large quantities but only small quantities of the genuine article survive today. Adding the occasional rare piece to your glass collection would be wise, just make sure you know what to look for ... Continue Reading

Derby Porcelain Gallery

A varied selection of Derby Porcelain products both antique and modern By Derby artists and designers that exemplify the Derby style. Porcelain plates, figures and vases that demonstrate the superb quality of Royal Crown Derby products. Not all Derby products are as collectible as the items featured below and most are well within range of any porcelain collectors budget. The products we feature here are simply used to demonstrate what you could find. If you search hard enough. William ... Continue Reading

Berlin Porcelain Marks

The KPM and Sceptre Marks of the Berlin Porcelain Company. Berlin Porcelain Marks including the well known Berlin Sceptre Mark & significant dates in the history of Berlin Porcelain. 1751 to 1757 -- while Wegely owned Berlin porcelain products were marked with the initial 'W' in blue under glaze. 1761 to 1763 -- while Gotzkowsky was in command, Berlin porcelain was marked with the initial 'G' in blue under glaze. 1763 to 1837 -- Berlin porcelain was marked with the sceptre ... Continue Reading

Floral Transfer Printed Enamel Plate

Looking for information on a transfer printed enamel plate by Elizabeth (Connecticut) Photo included shows the floral transfer on my enamel plate The enameled plate could possibly be French, but there aren't any markings on the plate. At first, I thought the floral decoration was hand painted, but have found out it's a transfer. There is also a light, somewhat faded, scroll pattern around the rim of the plate. Unable to find anything like this transfer printed enamel plate on the ... Continue Reading