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Collecting Japanese Silver Yen: The Dragon Yen 1870-1914

The Japanese government began minting silver Yen coins shortly after the Meiji Restoration. The silver Dragon Yen was minted between 1870 & 1914 and is fascinating both for the beauty of its design and its historical value. It is a coin well worth collecting Continue Reading

Gold Oliver Cromwell Half Crown

A look at the very rare gold Oliver Cromwell Half Crown with bust c1658 Struck in gold with bust and practically as struck this Oliver Cromwell Half-Crown is one of the great numismatic rarities. The Reverse with crowned shield of arms (S.3227A; ESC.447A; W&R.46) ex-Bridgewater House Collection, 15 June 1972. Prior to the sale of the Bridgewater House collection only one Oliver Cromwell half crown was known, which was held in a private coin collection. Two further examples appeared ... Continue Reading

Collecting the 1804 Silver Dollar

The 1804 Silver Dollar For those interested in collecting rare and unique American silver coins, the 1804 silver dollar will probably be one of the first they will want to add to their coin collection. The 1804 silver dollar is not only one of the rarest but also one of the most popular silver dollars. Considering the 1804 dollars weren't made until 1834 and are still popular with coin collectors, says a lot about them. The 1804 silver dollar is one of the most publicized of US coins. ... Continue Reading

How To Store Coins

How To Store Your Coins and Collectable Coin Collections. There is a kind of Hippocratic Oath used implicitly among coin collectors ... First, above all do no harm Rules on cleaning coins are well-known in collecting circles, even though there's continued debate about how and when. Despite that there's a general conscensus on how to store coins. To avoid the damaging effects of oxidation, finger oil, scrapes, etc, coins should at least be stored in Mylar plastic containers, one coin per ... Continue Reading

How to Grade Coins

Coin Grades used in Authenticating Collectable Coins. How to grade coins depends on how the coin is described using the country of origin, type, denomination, date, mint mark, variety and condition. With all but the last of these, there is rarely any ambiguity. However, the state of preservation or condition often generates different grading opinions, so a standard system of grading coins needed to evolve to allow coin collectors to more clearly determine and communicate their coins relative ... Continue Reading

Collectable Coin Holders

Using Coin Holders and Albums to Protect Your Coin Collection... Coin collectors should always make sure they build and look after their coin collection in the best way possible. Building up and caring for your coin collection are two different aspects of coin collecting. After all, your coin collection is a valuable and precious asset, and you should be able to display it proudly and in the best possible manner. So, we shall try to offer you easy access to the best coin holders, the best ... Continue Reading

Coin Collecting Information

Coin Collecting Information and Coin Publications to help the beginner. There is vast amount of coin collecting information available online covering most aspects of coin collecting and trading. However there are still several hardcopy publications that the novice coin collector will find extremely useful. Including the U.S. Red Book and various good quality magazine publications. Whether you choose to buy printed information or subscribe to the online versions, you'll find them indispens... Continue Reading

Coin Collecting History

A Short History of Coins and Common Currency - Coin Collecting History Before coin collecting and within the living memory of man, direct barter is remembered as the principal means of trade. Goods exchanged by separate parties for the mutual benefit of both. But finding parties who want to exchange their eggs for your bread or their shoes for your butter could be a time consuming process which could result in many spoiled loaves and spoiled butter. Introducing a third party that has ... Continue Reading