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Collecting Spanish Emporion Coins

A look at the Spanish Emporion Coin 450-425 BC. The Spanish Emporion coins are found with a great variation in weight, ranging from 0.65 to 0.05 grams. The majority fall below 0.30 grams, with only a handful at heavier weights. There are too few known, however, to clearly establish whether there were different denominations, or whether there was a long reduction in weight of one denomination. None of the references distinguish coins of differing weights, but merely identify these by type. ... Continue Reading

Rare Gold Danish Christian IV

A quick look at a rare square gold Danish Christian IV and the King of Denmark Gold Danish Christian IV (1588-1648) - 6-Daler, 1604, 12.95g, CHRISTIANVS.IIII. D.G.DA Obverse ... Crowned and armoured bust right within three lines of dots with cross in each angle. Reverse ... VI. .DAL. 1604 in three lines in a dotted circle within a dotted square, trefoil in each angle. H 11A; Schou obverse 2, reverse 3 var; F 45 Bold very fine and extremely rare gold coin. ex Schlessinger (Berlin) ... Continue Reading

Anglo Saxon Tremissis

Coin Collecting Reviews: An interesting imitative Anglo-Saxon Tremissis. Circa 6th century AD and 1.21 grams. Imitative of a tremissis of Justinian. Obverse with profile bust right with radiate crown and OOOANVO legend. Reverse featuring cross with forked ends on base with pellet to each side and OOILLVV.VA-IOO- legend. Possibly Unique and interesting British copy of an Anglo Saxon Tremissis, which doesn't seem to be listed in any of the standard references. Very fine. Found in Cambridge... Continue Reading

Collecting Rare Coins

Here we present a few choice examples of exceedingly rare coins ... Struck Coins have been used for more than 2500 years and are so varied and widespread that they offer the collector the perfect and hopefully profitable hobby. However collecting rare coins can elevate the coin collector to a completely new level of coin collecting. If your budget can stretch to it, the joy in owning a genuinely rare collectable coin is hard to beat. Here are just a few rare coin examples with historical ... Continue Reading