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Antique Terms (M)

The Antique Marks Glossary covering Antique Terms (M) Here you will find antique terms and related words beginning with the letter 'M' including definitions and short histories covering everything from MacIntyre to the Martin Brothers, Moorcroft, Minton and Musket. Listed alphabetically, so simply scroll through or use the search function to find the word or term you are looking for. macheleid, georg heinrich (ceramics - porcelain re-invention - thuringian) Georg Heinrich Macheleid ... Continue Reading
The Art Deco style and its influences from Charles Rennie Mackintosh to Josef Hoffmann, Clarice Cliff and Le Corbusier. The ever popular art deco style is an architectural and decorative-arts style, popular from 1910 to 1940. Art Deco is characterised by highly stylised natural and geometric forms and ornaments, which are usually strongly symmetrical. Outstanding American examples of Art Deco are the Chrysler Building and Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Some of the century's ... Continue Reading

Identifying Genuine Art Deco Jewelry

Is Your Art Deco Jewellery Genuine or Reproduction? How can you identify real Art Deco jewelry from the modern fakes? Checking the findings, the weight and the type or cut of precious stones can help Continue Reading

Art Deco Artists & Designers

The Art Deco period produced some truly inspired artists and designers. Here we provide an index of art deco artists and architectural and decorative-arts designers that typify the art deco style. Various Art Deco artists have grown in popularity over the past few years and none more so than the decorative arts designers like Clarice Cliff and Susie Cooper. Art Deco is, however, all about style and stylish pieces with symmetrical lines and geometric patterns are and always will be ... Continue Reading

Eileen Gray

Eileen Gray (1878-1976) - Art Deco Artist and Designer Neglected for most of her career, Eileen Gray is now regarded as one of the most important furniture designers and architects of the early 20th century and the most influential woman in those fields. Eileen Grays work inspired both Modernism and Art Deco. She was to stand alone throughout her career first as a lacquer artist, then a furniture designer and finally as an architect. At a time when other leading designers were almost ... Continue Reading

Art Deco Gallery

Our Art Deco Gallery featuring examples of the diversity and quality of items produced during the art deco period. A gallery of the ever popular art deco style. The architectural and decorative-arts style popular from 1910 to 1940, that is characterised by highly stylised and geometric forms. Art Deco themes were often classical motifs reduced to geometric stylisations. From Edgar Brandt decorated wrought-iron screens with symmetrical fountains and Emil Ruhlman ebony cabinets with ivory ... Continue Reading

Art Deco Posters

1920's and 30's Art Deco Posters Art Deco posters are highly collectable and the most sought after were produced by the innovative artists of the Art Deco period. However, good quality colour printing was expensive in the 1920's and 1930's consequently most advertising posters tend to represent luxury goods and services. Such as those from the more expensive Bentley, Bugatti and Rolex brands or luxury cruise liners. So, original art deco posters, possibly recovered from the halls and ... Continue Reading

Chameleon Ware Art Deco Vase

Can anyone tell me more about this Chameleon Ware Art Deco Vase by Clews & Co Ltd by Donna (Canada) I have a vase that was my mothers. It is a blue green art deco style piece stamped on the bottom with Chameleon Ware, Clews & Co Ltd and Tunstall. Can anyone tell me more about Clews & Co, and the history and value of this art deco vase? Thanks. Donna Comment by Kat on Donna's Chameleon Ware Art Deco Vase: Your vase is by George Clews & Co Ltd, who operated from ... Continue Reading

Art Deco Mantle Clock and Candlesticks

Showing off my Art Deco mantle clock that I purchased on eBay in 1998 from someone in South Florida. by Jo Norman (Hortonville, Wisconsin) I've included some photos showing the Art Deco Mantle Clock, the makers marks on the Mantle Clock, the clock face and the base mark on the clock. My Art Deco Mantle Clock and Candlesticks are ceramic and have been glazed with peach, blue and gold. The clock face has a small head of Diana or some other goddess on it but no words. The marks on my ... Continue Reading

Collectible Art Deco Sculpture

Adding Art Deco Sculptures to your Art Deco Collection Art Deco sculpture projects some of the most beautiful forms in the art world. Figures usually, but not always, depict stunning animal forms or the idolised female form with long legs and elegantly proportioned bodies. Art Deco sculptures are usually made of bronze, silver or chryselephantine, which is a combination of the two. They are often painted, silvered or incorporate ivory features. Female Art Deco Sculpture Feminine Art ... Continue Reading