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Antique Vaseline Glass

Tips & Advice on Collecting Antique Vaseline Glass... Collecting vaseline glass can be a minefield, with different definitions for what it is and what it isn't. So, What exactly is antique vaseline glass. The UK definition of vaseline glass : The European definition describes vaseline glass as any kind of creamy yellow glass shading to white with a colour that resembles the original vaseline ointment. In 1835 experiments with uranium as a glass colourant were being carried out ... Continue Reading

Caring for Antiques

Caring for Antiques - Looking after your Antique Ceramics and Glass. When caring for antiques and especially antique ceramics and glass we are caring for some of our most delicate possessions, however our ceramics and glass can also be amongst the most hard-wearing. Cleaning antique ceramics or antique glass is relatively simple, but repair is rather more involved. Follow the few pointers below to ensure your antique pottery, porcelain and glass pieces remain in first class condition. ... Continue Reading

Charles Noke

Charles Noke was Royal Doultons premier designer and modeller. Here we examine why and Charles Noke's life, his work, the Doulton relationship and his history. In 1899 the Doulton studio recruited a young designer by the name of Charles Noke. He is now regarded as the brainchild behind Royal Doulton seriesware, a range of products were standard blank pottery shapes (everything from plates to jugs, bowls to vases and teapots) could be decorated with a consistent theme. Initially, Charles ... Continue Reading

Collecting Antique or Decorative Art Glass Can Be a Very Profitable Hobby

Collecting antique or decorative arts glass can be a very profitable hobby if you learn all you can about the styles or types of glass you like, and you know how and where to find the best deals on antique & collectable art glass. Focusing your collecting energies on a specific period, type of glass or even one great glass designer can simplify what you need to learn and get you known as an expert on that period or artist. Continue Reading

Antique Vase with Cranes

Can you help me identify my white porcelain antique vase with beautiful crane decoration? by Frank Robison (Hernando, MS 38632) My photos show the crane decoration and the makers mark on bottom of my antique vase. I would like to know more about this 13 inch tall white porcelain antique vase with hand-painted cranes etched in gold. I recently acquired it from the estate of an old friend and I am enclosing two photos. I can't find a reference for the makers mark on the bottom of the ... Continue Reading


I'm looking for Information on my Antique Vase which is stamped MADE IN ENGLAND 429 by Adam (Australia) Photos of my antique vase show the vase top rim and the makers mark - Made in England 429 Hi. I was hoping someone may know something about this Antique Vase ie: who made it, approximately when it was made, and any approximate value in its current condition. It was with a couple of other vases and items among my Grandmothers belongings when she passed and my mother said she thinks ... Continue Reading

Antique Vase Fish Marked 444

My mother-in-law gave us this antique vase. She loved the elegant little gaping mouth fish and so do we. by Stephanie Hatfield (Florida, USA). Photo shows our pretty pink fish vase But we have never found details of the registration number that matches the maker. We are so curious about the origins and value of our little pink fish antique vase. We used to use the vase as a toothbrush holder until we thought better of taking it for granted. Now this antique vase is perched up high ... Continue Reading