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Spotting Antique Fakes and Forgeries

The Golden Rule when buying antiques, is always to ask the seller and to make sure they answer positively one way or the other. If the answer is maybe, could be or it might be an original, then think twice before you buy. Antique fakes are better now than ever and the antique collector really does need to be wary. Continue Reading

Collecting Antique Samplers

Highly Collectable Antique Samplers can be a very wise investment. A sampler is an embroidered panel of fabric sewn as a reference or a to demonstrate a range of sewing skills and different stitches. By the 18thC most antique samplers were sewn by young children, following patterns from books. They typically incorporate letters, numbers, a short poem or motto, the name and age of the child and the date. The word sampler, comes from the Latin word exemplum, meaning an example to be ... Continue Reading

Antique Terms (T)

An antique marks glossary of antique terms T covering everything from table to tin glaze to tyg. Here you will find antique terms and words beginning with T. A glossary covering everything from tabako-ire to taffeta and tyg and many more that antique collectors might find useful tabako-ire (japanese - pouch - tobacco) Japanese tobacco pouch which was hung from a kurawa (ashtray) netsuke. A tabako-bon is a tobacco cabinet, also known as a tabako-dansu, which has drawers for tobacco, a ... Continue Reading

Antique Terms (U)

An Antique Marks Glossary of Antique Terms & Meanings beginning with U From undercut to urn, below you will find antique related words or antique terms beginning with 'u' and covering eveything in between. undercut (furniture - carving ) Ornamental carving that is cut so deep that the decoration stands out from the body of the piece and that in some parts stands completely free of it. underframing (furniture - support) The support structure under a seat, table top, dresser, cabinet ... Continue Reading

Antique Terms (V)

The antique marks glossary covering antique terms beginning with V. Everything from Van Dyke to Vaseline glass & Vulliamy. V also includes lesser known terms ranging from Vargueno to Vermicule & Vulcanite. Below you will find a wide range of antique related words and their definitions, including particular meanings and definitions that novice antique collectors might find useful. val st lambert (glass - manufacturer Belgium) Founded in 1815 on the site of a monastery near liege ... Continue Reading

Antique Terms (S)

Antique Terms S - The antique marks glossary covering everything from sabino to sabre and sevres to syllabub. Below you will find antique related words or antique terms beginninh with S, covering everything from Sabino to Sabre to Sevres and Syllabub A glossary of antique related terms definitions and meanings. eero saarinen (designer - finnish - 1910-61) Finnish-born US architect and designer. Saarinen worked with fellow architect Charles eames and explored the use of plastics in ... Continue Reading

Antique Terms (R)

The antiques glossary - antique terms r covering everything from ramsden to ruskin. Here you will find antique related words or antique terms begining with 'r' covering everything from ramsden to ruskin and many more that you might find useful. ernest race (furniture & textiles - designer - BA chair) The internationally acclaimed english textile and furniture designer, whose work combined the traditional with the modern.is probably best known for his comfortable and ingenious chairs. ... Continue Reading

Antique Glass Terms

Glossary of Antique Glass Terms, words and phrases. Used in describing antique glass or glass production methods. A collection of frequently used antique glass terms and their meanings that apply to the products of everyday glass production and art glass manufacturers. This is, as far as possible, a laymans non-technical glossary. Designed to help with the collector and non-professionals understanding of glass terms. For the sake of clarity; our Antique Glass Terms are intended to be a ... Continue Reading

Buying Antiques on eBay

Buying antiques on eBay internet auctions is quick and profitable. It's also simple to do and fun. If you're buying antiques on internet auctions then you have to think about different things entirely, you have to factor in other aspects and learn all about the sellers customer service. The most important things to factor in when buying antiques on ebay are..., That you can't pick it up, or hold it, or feel for damage or restoration. You can't feel the quality of an item or look at ... Continue Reading

Antique Terms (Q)

The Antique Marks Glossary - Antique Terms (Q) Here you will find antique terms and related words beginning with Q and covering everything from Qing to Quimper and Queens Ware to Quaich plus many more that you might find useful. Organised alphabetically; simply scroll through the list of antique terms or use the search function in the sidebar to find all mentions of the word or phrase you're looking for. qingbai (ceramic - chinese - porcelain) Chinese porcelain form the song dynasty ... Continue Reading