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Antique Collectors Plates

Antique Collectors Plates offer the keen antiques collector a wide range of possibilities. European Monarchs and the worlds Royalty were the first to covet porcelain and began the practice of collecting and displaying porcelain plates. Today many plate collectors focus their attention on collecting the types of porcelain plates that were once far too expensive for anyone but Royalty or the very rich to own. Other collectors focus their attention on particular glazes or styles or plates ... Continue Reading

Antique Enamel Plate with Tortoise and Mouse

Can You Help Identify My Antique Enamel Plate with Tortoise and Mouse by Mary (USA) I purchased a number of antique items from an elderly man and this Antique enamel plate with tortoise and mouse decoration was among the purchases. The design is done in enamel and the detail in the decoration is exquisite.. I know the base mark is not an American mark and would appreciate if someone could identifying the maker of this antique enamel plate. Thanks for any help. Mary. Comment ... Continue Reading

Plate with unusual Diamond Mark. Possibly William Adams

Help Identify Maker & Date White Plate with Unusual Diamond Mark. by Des (Aberystwyth, Wales, UK) My antique plate is a very simple white plate with an unusual, I think, diamond mark in the centre. Photos included above of Plate with unusual Diamond Mark. The maker appears to be William Adams and Sons, and the diamond mark appears to date to circa 1881. I picked it up with a bundle but can't get to grips with the diamond date or the "Imperial" reference. Can anyone help me date it ... Continue Reading

Antique Plate – Looking for Maker Information

Information on Antique Plate by Kim Blenkinsop (London) Photo of Blackberry Bramble Antique Plate and Base Mark Here I have an antique plate, it has a crown with what looks like the word Carmen written on it. It also has P3 and 69 on it. The antique plate has a dragonfly with blackberry bramble on the front. Can anyone tell me anything about this antique plate who and where and when it was made if possible. Thanks. Kim Blenkinsop Comments on Kim's Antique Plate Antique plate CARMEN ... Continue Reading