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Anglo Saxon Tremissis

Coin Collecting Reviews: An interesting imitative Anglo-Saxon Tremissis. Circa 6th century AD and 1.21 grams. Imitative of a tremissis of Justinian. Obverse with profile bust right with radiate crown and OOOANVO legend. Reverse featuring cross with forked ends on base with pellet to each side and OOILLVV.VA-IOO- legend. Possibly Unique and interesting British copy of an Anglo Saxon Tremissis, which doesn't seem to be listed in any of the standard references. Very fine. Found in Cambridge... Continue Reading

Antiques Collection – a look at real antique collectables

A look at real antique collectables and the antique manufacturers markings as they are stamped painted or impressed on an antique collection. Helping you learn more about how the maker marked their pieces and where and what to look out for Continue Reading

Antique Gallus Gallus

Need more information on my antique Gallus Gallus jug by Mr. F.E. O'Doherty(London, England) Photos show my Gallus or Owl Jug side view, Rear View and a close up of the Gallus Gallus Owned by my partners family since 1947 at least and devoid of a certifiable provenance. This Decorative ceramic owl jug is hand painted to represent a "Gallus gallus" or is it an Owl. It fell into no particular category among their numerous collections. It seems to me to have been bought and kept ... Continue Reading

Antique J&B Seltzer Bottle

Got this Antique Jewsbury & Brown Seltzer Bottle in a box of stuff at a yard sale by Maybelle (Louisiana, USA) Photos shows my actual antique J & B Seltzer Bottle I am curious whether it is antique and if so what age it might be. The glass is etched with a large J&B inside a six pointed star or two triangles. The J&B has "Jewsbury & Brown" below it. There is also JEWSBURY & BROWN MANCHESTER etched near the base and on the metal top. It looks like IP20 or 1920 ... Continue Reading

Antique Bronze Wall Plaque with Fishing Goddess

I found this bronze wall plaque at a garage sale years ago. by Wendy (Carnation, WA) Photo shows the actual Fishing Goddess decoration on my Bronze Wall Plaque The plaque measures 19 inch by 10 and 3/4 inches and the decorative detail featuring a fishing Goddess is magnificent. The picture is of a woman with fabric tied at the waist and chest exposed (top of fabric fluttering in the wind). She is holding a fishing net over her shoulder. She has almost every type of sea life (her ... Continue Reading

A Rare Wedgwood Black Jasperware Candelabra

I found this Wedgwood Black Jasperware Brass Candelabra at a local garage sale. by Ziggy (Baldwinsville, USA) I picked it up because it was pretty and it is decorated with zodiac signs. I believe it is a rare Wedgwood black jasperware piece. Photos above show the Wedgwood Black Jasperware Candelabra in full View and the decoration Above photos show the Wedgwood Candelabra Base and Brass Feet When I got home I looked at the bottom and noticed it must have been a nice piece, because ... Continue Reading