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Buying Antiques at Boot Sales

Sound Advice for Buying Antiques at Boot Sales and Yard Sales This just has to be one of the most pleasant experiences you can have when dealing with antiques. When buying antiques at boot sales and yard sales the collector has to be reasonably knowledgeable and has to make sure they know what they are buying. Boot sales and yard sales are not always the cheapest if the seller knows what they have. On the other hand boot sales are mostly made up of non-professional dealers. They ... Continue Reading

Collecting Antiques: Is Antique Collecting a Good Investment?

An important question for avid antique collectors who hope to create a retirement nest egg from their investment in antiques and collectables. Collecting antiques as an investment has traditionally paid good dividends but tastes change and the antiques marketplace will experience ups and downs over time Continue Reading

Buying Antiques

Buying antiques - How, where, when and why to buy antiques and collectables. When buying antiques the buyer has a multitude of ways to buy, including online internet auctions, local auction houses, newspaper and classified ads, antique dealers, etc, etc. But there's only one way not to buy your antiques and that's ... Do not buy antiques unless you know what you are buying. The UK is probably the best place in the world to search for and for buying antiques because of its rich history of ... Continue Reading

Antiques Collection – a look at real antique collectables

A look at real antique collectables and the antique manufacturers markings as they are stamped painted or impressed on an antique collection. Helping you learn more about how the maker marked their pieces and where and what to look out for Continue Reading

Antique Enamel Plate with Tortoise and Mouse

Can You Help Identify My Antique Enamel Plate with Tortoise and Mouse by Mary (USA) I purchased a number of antique items from an elderly man and this Antique enamel plate with tortoise and mouse decoration was among the purchases. The design is done in enamel and the detail in the decoration is exquisite.. I know the base mark is not an American mark and would appreciate if someone could identifying the maker of this antique enamel plate. Thanks for any help. Mary. Comment ... Continue Reading