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Rene Lalique Glass

Rene Lalique Artist and Designer. His life, his work and his art. The life of Rene Lalique and his artistic career covered the three most important movements in the field of decorative arts – Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau and Art Deco. Rene Lalique was born Rene Jules Lalique in Ay, France on April 6, […]

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Coin Collecting Terms

A Glossary of Coin Collecting Terms and their Meanings … Collecting Coins, like any passion hobby or interest has built up a set of coin collecting terms. A language all of its own. Words and phrases used by coin collectors, numismatic practitioners and students of numismatics. These basic numismatic terms, which are likely to cause […]

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Art Nouveau Artists

Art Nouveau Artists from Rene Lalique to Louis Comfort Tiffany, Anton Gaudi and Archibald Knox. A selection of the great many art nouveau artists and designers that embraced the art nouveau style. There were many gifted artists and designers in the art nouveau period. It brought forward artists and designers with a feel for the […]

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