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Georgian Glass

Collecting Antique Georgian Glass offers rare opportunities to the antique glass collector, buyer or seller. So, what is Georgian Glass … The Georgian period spanned the years 1714 to 1830 and included the regency period of 1811 to 1820. In the Georgian period the first four Georges reigned as Kings of England. Collecting Georgian glass […]

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Antique Terms (F)

The Antiques Marks Glossary and Antique Terms F Covering antique terms beginning with the letter ‘F’, everything from faberge to fusee and faience to furstenberg. Below you will find antique related words or antique terms begining with ‘f’ covering everything from faberge to fusee and many more that you might find useful. The list is […]

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Collectable Gold Ruby & Antique Cranberry Glass

The American glassworks that produced Cranberry glass were mostly in New England, which happens to be where cranberries are grown, and so the term Cranberry was used to refer to this form of glass. Antique cranberry glass will add value to your glass collection if you focus your collecting efforts on quality pieces that are undamaged.

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