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Royal Worcester Gallery

Royal Worcester Gallery - a brief look at examples of Worcester porcelain. We've included the Royal Worcester Gallery to give you a brief look at a few examples of good quality Royal Worcester Porcelain. Quality porcelain from the oldest, continuously operating English porcelain factory still in production today. The Worcester Gallery includes items from renowned artists like Walter Sedgley, the Stintons, The Doughty sisters and many more. We will add to it as we can and when we ... Continue Reading

James Hadley

Royal Worcester Artist - James Hadley (1837 - 1903) In the 1850s James Hadley was apprenticed to Kerr & Binns of Worcester. He worked in the modelling department with Edward Locke and the young Thomas Brock. By 1870 James Hadley had become the principal modeller at Royal Worcester porcelain. In 1875 he left the Worcester factory and set up his own modelling studio at 95 High Street, Worcester. Hadley is reputed to have sold the complete output of his factories ornamental vases and ... Continue Reading

Royal Worcester Fruit

Royal Worcester fruit painted porcelain and the skill of the Worcester fruit artists. The beauty of Royal Worcester fruit painted porcelain can only be achieved thanks to the varied skills that the fruit painters and craftsmen possess. It is believed that Worcester artist Octar H. Copson, was the first to paint Worcester Fruit He painted a large plaque commissioned by a local farmer to celebrate the introduction of the pershore plum in 1880. Modern painters can train for up to seven ... Continue Reading

Royal Worcester Artists

Information on the foremost Royal Worcester Artists; everyone from Charles Baldwyn to Hadley, Sebright and Doughty. Over the years Royal Worcester and all of its many incarnations have employed or been associated with some of the best and most innovate ceramics artists. The artists detailed below are currently a very small selection of these but we hope to grow this list extensively over the years. Although Worcester porcelain takes a great many skilled hands to manufacture, from around ... Continue Reading

Antique Wedgwood Pottery

Antique Wedgwood History & Wedgwood Marks associated with Wedgwood Creamware, Jasperware and other products The Wedgwood company is a British pottery firm, originally founded by Josiah Wedgwood c1795, and possibly the most famous name ever associated with pottery. In modern times Wedgwood merged with Waterford Crystal in 1987 to become Waterford Wedgwood. The original manufactory was a pioneer of new products such as those modelled by William Greatbach, and those coloured with lead ... Continue Reading

Moorcroft Artists

The Original Moorcroft Artists and Designers including William & Walter Moorcroft Other Moorcroft Studio artists include Philip Gibson, Rachel Bishop, Emma Bossons, Nicola Slaney and Sian Leeper. Today, the Moorcroft artists and Studio designers are young and the Moorcroft workforce has an average age of less than 27. There are degrees and master's degrees scattered among them, but a degree is not the only true mark of success. Only at the end of a long road, when the Moorcr... Continue Reading

Art Deco Antiques

Art Deco Antiques and Deco Style Collectables From professional designers to the gifted amateur with a good eye, everyone loves the elegant, geometric shapes and sophisticated styles you find in art deco antiques. Art Deco Sculptures Beautiful, original 1920's and 30s Art Deco sculpture is among the most desireable and most beautiful sculpture in the world.   Art Deco Jewellery Jewellery of the 1920's and 30's was in thrall to geometry and used circles, arcs, squares, ... Continue Reading

Antique Terms (T)

An antique marks glossary of antique terms T covering everything from table to tin glaze to tyg. Here you will find antique terms and words beginning with T. A glossary covering everything from tabako-ire to taffeta and tyg and many more that antique collectors might find useful tabako-ire (japanese - pouch - tobacco) Japanese tobacco pouch which was hung from a kurawa (ashtray) netsuke. A tabako-bon is a tobacco cabinet, also known as a tabako-dansu, which has drawers for tobacco, a ... Continue Reading

Antique Terms (V)

The antique marks glossary covering antique terms beginning with V. Everything from Van Dyke to Vaseline glass & Vulliamy. V also includes lesser known terms ranging from Vargueno to Vermicule & Vulcanite. Below you will find a wide range of antique related words and their definitions, including particular meanings and definitions that novice antique collectors might find useful. val st lambert (glass - manufacturer Belgium) Founded in 1815 on the site of a monastery near liege ... Continue Reading

Antique Terms (R)

The antiques glossary - antique terms r covering everything from ramsden to ruskin. Here you will find antique related words or antique terms begining with 'r' covering everything from ramsden to ruskin and many more that you might find useful. ernest race (furniture & textiles - designer - BA chair) The internationally acclaimed english textile and furniture designer, whose work combined the traditional with the modern.is probably best known for his comfortable and ingenious chairs. ... Continue Reading

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