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Rookwood Pottery

Dating Rookwood Pottery Marks & a look at Rookwood History Antique Rookwood Pottery is one collectible you should definitely look out for An American artistic legend established in 1880, by Maria Longworth Nicholas, Rookwood Pottery is an American Art Pottery Company that has gained a formidable reputation as one of the finest in the world. In 1889 Rookwood surprised the ceramics community when it was awarded a Gold medal at the Exposition Universelle in Paris. The award ... Continue Reading

Vienna Porcelain Marks

The Beehive Mark, as its commonly called, represents the traditional range of Vienna Porcelain Marks. However, the Vienna Porcelain Bindenschild (the shield not a beehive), incorporated in Vienna marks is a symbolic rendition of the center of the Coat-of-Arms of the Royal Habsburg family of Austria. The Bindenschild is how the Vienna mark should be referred to and it should always be properly aligned as a shield. The use and periods of Vienna Porcelain marks ... 1718 to 1744 -- is ... Continue Reading

Troika Pottery

Troika Pottery artists, Troika history and the Troika marks Troika Pottery was set up in 1963 by Benny Sirota, Leslie Illsley and Jan Thomson, with Jan Thomson being bought out in 1965. In 1963, Troika Pottery was set up in Wheal Dream near Porthgwidden beach in St Ives and this is now the St Ives Museum. Troika was based on the ground floor and originally took over the Powell and Wells Pottery. Benny Sirota had the potting experience and Leslie Illsley had trained as a sculptor. Leslie ... Continue Reading

Art Nouveau Artists

Art Nouveau Artists from Rene Lalique to Louis Comfort Tiffany, Anton Gaudi and Archibald Knox. A selection of the great many art nouveau artists and designers that embraced the art nouveau style. There were many gifted artists and designers in the art nouveau period. It brought forward artists and designers with a feel for the natural organic lines that appeal to many of us. Many whose work is now highly valued and sought after by art nouveau collectors and fans of the style. When ... Continue Reading

Baron Victor Horta

Baron Victor Horta was born in Ghent, Belgium in 1861. He studied drawing, textiles, and architecture at the Academy of Beaux-Arts in Ghent, then went to Paris to work. He then returned to Belgium and drafted for Classical architect Alphons Balat. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});   In 1890, Victor Horta set up his own firm. In 1893 he designed what is widely regarded as the first architectural expression of mature Art Nouveau, namely Tassel house in ... Continue Reading

Art Deco Gallery

Our Art Deco Gallery featuring examples of the diversity and quality of items produced during the art deco period. A gallery of the ever popular art deco style. The architectural and decorative-arts style popular from 1910 to 1940, that is characterised by highly stylised and geometric forms. Art Deco themes were often classical motifs reduced to geometric stylisations. From Edgar Brandt decorated wrought-iron screens with symmetrical fountains and Emil Ruhlman ebony cabinets with ivory ... Continue Reading

Collection of Native American Indian Clay Pots

I bought these old Native American Indian pots about 3 yrs ago at a second hand store. by Teresa (Post Falls, Idaho, USA) The American Indian pots have no makers mark that I can see. It looks like they were made from red clay with the design etched into the pot. Teresa with her American Indian Clay Pots and the top rim on one pot Close up of the decoration on the American Indian Clay Pots The clay pot colors are teal and black. One is cracked and looks as though someone ... Continue Reading

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