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Rare & Collectible Meissen Figures

Meissen figures are highly collectable and although figures from the Kaendler period from 1730 to 1775 are by far the most sought after, there are other Meissen artists and figural collections that are known for their superb work Continue Reading

Dresden Meissen Porcelain Centerpiece

Opinions please ... Is this a Dresden or Meissen Porcelain Centerpiece? by Mirna G Ramirez (Escondido, CA) We recently met an old German gentleman and while buying some puppies from him, my husbands mother who was interested in porcelain antiques, noticed the old man had this piece in his garage.   Above photos show the Dresden or Meissen Centerpiece and the Panel Decoration   The other two photos above show the artist signature the decoration on the porcelain body and the blue ... Continue Reading

Antique Meissen 1840-1900: The Victorian Period

Victorian period Meissen patterns include the Purple Rose pattern and the Vine-leaf pattern. The Court Dragon and Red Dragon tableware patterns feature Chinese dragons flying around the rim of plates with medallions in the center. Meissens Blue Onion pattern has been in continuous production for almost three centuries. It was designed by Horoldt in 1739 and was inspired by a Chinese Kangxi period bowl. The Meissen four seasons figures and the ever popular Monkey Band are among the ... Continue Reading

Collecting Antique Meissen Pre-1840 Porcelain

Early Meissen porcelain is among the most sought after and widely collected European ceramics in the world. Although the well known Swan Service pattern is still in production today, it was originally made between 1737 and 1743. Original pieces are owned by a great wealth of collectors, so finding one is a rare event indeed. Look out for rococo style pieces and figures by early Meissen sculptors like Johann Joachim Kaendler, Johann Friedrich Eberlein and Peter Reinecke. That's if ... Continue Reading

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