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Antiques Collection: Royal Worcester Prismatic Enamels Vase

From the Antique Marks Collection we have a fine Royal Worcester Prismatic Enamels Vase with original cover. Featuring photos and detailed images of Worcester Marks. Prismatic enamel wares are Continue Reading

Chelsea Porcelain Marks

Chelsea Porcelain Marks including the triangle period, the red anchor period and the gold anchor period. Well before the Derby Porcelain acquisition Chelsea's reputation for quality products had been envied the world over. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); And a great many rival companies sought to capitalise on that reputation by marking their own wares with a mark similar to the Chelsea anchor mark. The Chelsea Porcelain Marks and particularly the anchor mark were ... Continue Reading

Chelsea Porcelain Factory

The history of the Chelsea Porcelain company, its products and its anchor mark periods. The Chelsea porcelain factory was founded in 1743 by two Frenchmen; Charles Gouyn a goldsmith and Nicholas Sprimont a silversmith. The Chelsea porcelain manufactory was the first important porcelain manufactory in England Its early soft-paste porcelain products were aimed at the aristocratic market. The first director Nicholas Sprimont was a silversmith by trade, but few documents survive to put ... Continue Reading

Antiques Collection: Ernst Wahliss Porcelain Centerpiece c1897

The Ernst Wahliss porcelain manufactory was founded in Trnovany in the Czech Republic in 1863. This stunning centerpiece dates to circa 1897 and features delicate work depicting figures entwined in fishing nets. It bears the Ernst Wahliss crown mark used from 1897 to 1906 Continue Reading

Antiques Collection – a look at real antique collectables

A look at real antique collectables and the antique manufacturers markings as they are stamped painted or impressed on an antique collection. Helping you learn more about how the maker marked their pieces and where and what to look out for Continue Reading

Pair Chinese Blue & White Porcelain Chargers

I have had these Chinese blue & white porcelain chargers for many years. by Barbara Bojorquez (Saltillo, MS USA)   Photos above show decoration on the Pair of Chinese Blue & White Porcelain Chargers   Photos above show the Chinese makers marks on the Blue & White Porcelain (Are they Kangxi or Imari maybe?) I recently started to really take a closer look at these blue & white porcelain chargers. They were a gift from friends and are very beautiful. I would like to know more ... Continue Reading

German Dolls Head

I'm just not sure how much this German Dolls Head Plaque is worth or of its history etc. by Reana Artley (West Valley, NY) Photo shows the German Dolls Head Plaque and a close up of the Dolls features Photo below shows the Moucka Makers Marks on the Dolls Head Plaque I found this beautiful dolls head plaque at an antique store this week, fell in love with it and get this, I paid only 4 dollars. I'd love to know more information. He measures 8.5" x 5.5"wide x .25" thick, is beautifully ... Continue Reading

Can You Help Identify My Antique Ginger Jar

My Grandma was given this antique ginger jar in the mid 1920's by Carole Hughes (Liverpool, England) She was in service and the lady of the house gave her the ginger jar when she left to start a family. I inherited the antique ginger jar when Grandma passed away and it was always kept in the glass cabinet. That is all we know about our antique ginger jar and its just sat in my cabinet ever since my grandma passed away in 1993. I have always thought I would look into it one days to ... Continue Reading

Blue & White Porcelain Figurines

Are the PB marks, Doulton or Pinder Bourne Marks on these Blue and White Figurines by Beth (Newfoundland Canada) I came across these lovely Blue and White figurines in my Grandmother's basement. I have spent a lot of time online trying to find out about them, but I have no idea whether they are valuable heirlooms or just cute figures she found at a garage sale.       The Blue and White Figurines have gold accents, and are a man and woman. They have a black PB ... Continue Reading

Pagoda Landscape Cup and Saucer

Pagoda Landscape Cup and Saucer - Is it the popular Willow Pattern? by Charles (Peterborough, England) Hi, I am trying to identify the maker of this rather pretty cup and saucer. It has a feel of age about it and is nicely decorated with what I call a Pagoda Landscape pattern. A bit like a willow pattern. Uploaded photos provide side views of the Willow Pattern Cup and views of the saucer. It doesn't feel oriental, more old English porcelain, but has no makers marks on either the cup or ... Continue Reading

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