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Gold Oliver Cromwell Half Crown

A look at the very rare gold Oliver Cromwell Half Crown with bust c1658 Struck in gold with bust and practically as struck this Oliver Cromwell Half-Crown is one of the great numismatic rarities. The Reverse with crowned shield of arms (S.3227A; ESC.447A; W&R.46) ex-Bridgewater House Collection, 15 June 1972. Prior to the sale of the Bridgewater House collection only one Oliver Cromwell half crown was known, which was held in a private coin collection. Two further examples appeared ... Continue Reading

Gold Indian Princess Head Dollar

A look at the Indian Pricess Head Dollar designed by James Longacre. A Type 2 Gold Indian Princess Head Dollar, dated 1854. Small head graded MS64. Over 8000 graded but only around 100 graded higher than the example below. Obverse: Small Head Indian Princess - UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Reverse: Wreath - 1 DOLLAR 1854 A similar graded coin sold for $20,700 at Heritage Auctions in December 2009. 2010 Auction Estimate for a Gold Indian Princess Head Dollar c1854... $15,000 to $20,000 ... Continue Reading

Goldkronach Mining Ducat c1855

A coin collecting review of the Goldkronach Mining Ducat c1855 minted in the reign of Maximilian II (AD 1848-1864) The Goldkronach mining ducat 1855, Munich (Carl Friedrich Voigt) is based on the exploitation of the mines in Upper Franconia. Obverse - Maximilian II - Koenig V. Bayern. Head right with engravers signature (C. V.) below truncation. Reverse - Crowned Bavarian coat of arms supported by two lions looking backwards. Legend - EIN DUCATEN AUS DEM BERGBAU BEI GOLD KRONACH Reeded ... Continue Reading

Rare Gold James I Unite Coin

A look at an extremely rare and beautiful 17th century Gold James I Unite Coin (20 Shillings) Condition: XF Minted: London. Mint Mark: Tun (wine cask) Denomination: Unite (20 Shillings) Mint period: 1615/1616 (2nd coinage, 5th bust) Reference: Friedberg 234, Seaby 2620, North 2085 Obverse: Crowned and armoured half-length figure of James I. Facing right, holding orb and list-topped sceptre. With Legend: (tun) IACOBVS : D : G . MA . BRI . FRA . ET . HI . REX . Reverse: Crowned shield ... Continue Reading

Rare Gold Danish Christian IV

A quick look at a rare square gold Danish Christian IV and the King of Denmark Gold Danish Christian IV (1588-1648) - 6-Daler, 1604, 12.95g, CHRISTIANVS.IIII. D.G.DA Obverse ... Crowned and armoured bust right within three lines of dots with cross in each angle. Reverse ... VI. .DAL. 1604 in three lines in a dotted circle within a dotted square, trefoil in each angle. H 11A; Schou obverse 2, reverse 3 var; F 45 Bold very fine and extremely rare gold coin. ex Schlessinger (Berlin) ... Continue Reading

George III Silver Crown

Coin Collecting Reviews - The George III Silver Crown with the Three Graces by William Wyon c1817. A very rare George III Silver Crown c1817, depicting the Three Graces as designed by William Wyon and part of The Strickland Neville Rolfe Collection. Obverse ... George III laureate head right with date below. W.WYON. below truncation, GEORGIUS III D:G: BRITANNIARUM REX F:D:, beaded border and linear circle both sides. Reverse ... Struck en medaille with the Three Graces, personifying England, ... Continue Reading

George III Five Guinea Gold Coin

Coin Collecting Reviews - A Rare collectible George III five guinea gold coin dating c1770, by John Tanner. Obverse ... Young laureate, long-haired bust with love-lock of hair on left shoulder. Reverse ... Crowned shield with arms, date either side of crown. (S.3723; L&S.1; Montagu 510 attributed to Yeo; Murdoch 118/119; Nobleman W&R.76), About FDC. Ex. Glendining 12 October 1992, where it realised £49,500. Interestingly, there was also a Vigo 5 guineas in the same sale that ... Continue Reading

Edward VI Gold Sovereign

Coin Collecting Reviews - An Edward VI Gold Sovereign, Third period mm. Ostrich head, c1551. Obverse with Crowned figure of king Edward enthroned facing, holding orb and sceptre, portcullis at feet. Reverse with shield of arms at centre of full-blown rose (S.2446; N.1926; Schneider 701) 15.03gms. This handsome and exceedingly rare Edward VI Gold Sovereign coin was purchased by Jonathan Rashleigh at the famous E. J. Shepherd sale in 1885. It is a full and well struck Edward VI Gold Soverei... Continue Reading

Australian 15 Pence Dump Coin

Coin Collecting Reviews - An Australian 15 Pence or dump coin c1813. A circular silver coin, 19mm in diameter with milled edge. Bearing on the obverse a crown with the words, NEW SOUTH WALES and date below, 1813. The reverse with the denomination FIFTEEN PENCE in two lines seperated by the engraver's initial H. 5.5g with crown New South Wales 1813 Appears to be Mira type A/1 Date clear and legend partly clear. Cuts under A and on the left of the crown on obverse. Worn ... Continue Reading

Dalzell Farm Five Francs

Coin Collecting Reviews - The Rare Dalzell Farm Five Francs coin Scotland, Dalzell Farm, c1807. Counterstamped French five francs. This counter stamped coin, was used to pay workers on the Scottish Dalzell Estates, and was issued by Archibald James Hamilton (1793-1834). Obverse ... Bayonne, bust with reverse countermark in wreath. Reverse ... Adjustment marks by date. Countermark very fine, coin good to fine, very rare. ex Walter Allen Collection, Spink, 14 Mar 1984. ex Gibbs ... Continue Reading

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