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Collect Japanese Antiques & Reap Rich Rewards

Japanese antiques provide a link to the rich culture and fascinating history of Japan. The collector has many choices but Kutani, Satsuma and Imari ceramics are a good choice as are the more affordable Netsuke Continue Reading

Antique Terms (F)

The Antiques Marks Glossary and Antique Terms F Covering antique terms beginning with the letter 'F', everything from faberge to fusee and faience to furstenberg. Below you will find antique related words or antique terms begining with 'f' covering everything from faberge to fusee and many more that you might find useful. The list is not exhaustive but we will add to it as time goes by. The descriptions detailed are only intended to be relevant to how the word or term relates to ... Continue Reading

Cloisonne Ware – Is it Worth Collecting?

Chinese Cloisonne ware isn't the only collectable or desirable form of cloisonne. Russian Cloisonne from the Tsarist era is also highly prized by collectors Continue Reading

Unique Scot Foxwell Vase

My Scot Foxwell vase is very light in weight. It has three forks for legs. The forks are curved. by Lisa (Canada) Included photos show the Scot Foxwell Vase and the Signature Mark - Scot Foxwell 1534 It looks like the vase is a collage of broken pieces of china cups or plates with all kinds of different patterns with little pieces of mirrored glass used throughout as decoration. Close to the bottom of the vase on one of the decorative glass pieces, there is a signature (Scot Foxwell ... Continue Reading

Beky Davies – Ceramic Restoration and Conservation

Ceramic restoration projects undertaken include soft and hard paste porcelain, stoneware and low fired ceramics. Also glass, enamels, jade and ivory repairs Continue Reading

ASRO China Dinner Set

I just inherited a full ASRO China Dinner Set that was my great grandmothers by Silvia (Brownsville TX, United States) Photo shows the ASRO China - Elephant and Wreath Porcelain Mark The set is in perfect condition with 'ASRO' and an elephant with a man on it's back included in the basemark. I would like to know more about it if anyone can help. The ASRO China Set includes ... 24-Dinner Plates 12- Soup bowls 12- Salad plates 12- Bread plates 12- Butter plates ... Continue Reading

Antique Resource Sites

Interesting Antique Resources and informative references outside the antique marks site. A useful selection of antique associations and other resources that should help with any area of antiques but especially antique collecting. No matter whether you collect silver, glass, china or any other antique collectibles, there are always diverse opinions and various interpretations on what is rare, what is valuable and or what is just downright fake. Assessing and evaluating those opinions ... Continue Reading

Wedgwood Jasperware Teapot

Help with Wedgwood Jasperware teapot that has spout but no handle by James E. Franklin (Baltimore, Maryland USA)    We recently inherited a large amount of Wedgwood. Although we have been able to identify and value almost all of it, this piece has us baffled. It appears to be a Wedgwood Jasperware teapot with a spout but no handle. While value is not a top priority, it would help us decide whether to display or hide it. I've included three photo's showing the Wedgwood Jasper... Continue Reading

Can You Help Identify My Antique Ginger Jar

My Grandma was given this antique ginger jar in the mid 1920's by Carole Hughes (Liverpool, England) She was in service and the lady of the house gave her the ginger jar when she left to start a family. I inherited the antique ginger jar when Grandma passed away and it was always kept in the glass cabinet. That is all we know about our antique ginger jar and its just sat in my cabinet ever since my grandma passed away in 1993. I have always thought I would look into it one days to ... Continue Reading

The Antiques Boutique

The Antiques Boutique offers quality antiques and collectables including fine china tea sets and dinner Services, pottery & porcelain collectibles, replacement china, curios and other quality antiques Continue Reading

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