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Collecting Antique or Decorative Art Glass Can Be a Very Profitable Hobby

Collecting antique or decorative arts glass can be a very profitable hobby if you learn all you can about the styles or types of glass you like, and you know how and where to find the best deals on antique & collectable art glass. Focusing your collecting energies on a specific period, type of glass or even one great glass designer can simplify what you need to learn and get you known as an expert on that period or artist. Continue Reading

Antique Terms (F)

The Antiques Marks Glossary and Antique Terms F Covering antique terms beginning with the letter 'F', everything from faberge to fusee and faience to furstenberg. Below you will find antique related words or antique terms begining with 'f' covering everything from faberge to fusee and many more that you might find useful. The list is not exhaustive but we will add to it as time goes by. The descriptions detailed are only intended to be relevant to how the word or term relates to ... Continue Reading

Art Nouveau Period

Your Guide to Collecting Art Nouveau Antiques. The Art Nouveau style and its influences. From Liberty & Co. to Rene Lalique, Louis Comfort Tiffany, Anton Gaudi and Archibald knox. The art nouveau style was a conscious attempt at modernism and a determined departure by many artists and designers, from the traditional victorian forms of design. Designers rejected the inspiration of classical European art and instead looked to Japanese, Celtic and other folk art as a basis for their work. ... Continue Reading

Blown Art Glass Vase with Silver Holder

Hand Blown Art Glass Vase with Silver Holder by Gayle (SC, USA) We own an antiques shop that sells sterling silver and this was a piece a customer brought in to sell. I don't think we paid much at all for it, and probably this was only to cover the cost of the sterling silver holder. We brought it home to keep and thought very little more about what it is or who made it. We enjoy blown glass, so I put it in a window to catch the light and today I noticed a bit of writing under the ... Continue Reading

Antique, Rare & Collectable Fenton Glass

In late 1907, Fenton Glass introduced Iridescent glass designs now known as the very popular and highly collectible carnival glass. The Fenton hobnail glass line is very much sought after and was a Fenton top seller when it was first introduced around 1939. The exceedingly rare Bottle No.289, which ensured Fenton’s prosperity when it was introduced is one of the most desireable pieces of Fenton Glass. Continue Reading

Antique Painting by Cabisada

I have this wonderful antique painting signed V Cabisada by Vitor Martins (Orange NSW- Australia) Signed Antique Painting by V Cabisada Someone told me that the artist is Spanish-Philipino and I would really appreciate any help in discovering more about it. The subject depicts a colorful landscape with a view mountains in the distance, viewed over a pond or lake, with a cottage on a knoll to the right and a wooded glade to the left. The painting is signed at the bottom left corner and ... Continue Reading

Hobnail Cranberry Glass Vase

Beautiful Opalescent Hobnail Cranberry Glass Vase but who was the maker? by Joyce (Florida USA) This piece of Cranberry Glass belongs to my daughter in law. It was given to her by her mother who had gotten it from her great aunt who was born in the late 1800s in Ohio. Full photo above of Cranberry Glass Vase and Vase Top Additional photos of the Cranberry hobnail vase base mark and Close Up of vase decoration There is a mark on the bottom of the glass but I can't identify it. I've ... Continue Reading

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