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Art Deco Mirrors

Art Deco Mirrors are the true essence of Art deco style Mirrors provide light and give the impression of space which is the focus of all good Art Deco interiors. Original Art Deco mirrors are still available and provide an elegant focus in any room. Good quality modern equivalents can be exceptional and can still provide that essential vivid reflection, soft light and air that all period art deco interiors should have. Good quality mirrors helped reflect light from Art Deco lamps that ... Continue Reading

Art Deco Lamps

Collecting Art Deco Lamps & Lighting for your Art Deco Interior Art Deco lamps are one of the best and most admired ways to enhance your period art deco interior. With stunning geometric lines and exceptional quality in production the range of antique Art Deco lamps available today is simply stunning. Both Art Deco and modern minimalism attach significant focus on light and space and Art Deco lamps add significantly to both. Whether original from the period or good quality modern ... Continue Reading

Art Deco Figures

Adding Sophisticated & Elegant Art Deco Figures to your Antiques Collection Art Deco figures and figurines are among the most beautiful and collectable of all art deco antiques. However some art deco artists are more collectible and more highly prized than others. Major Art Deco figure designers include Chiparus, Lorenzl, Colinet and Priess. Beautiful original 1930s figures formed in the Art Deco style, whether made from plaster, spelter or bronze look nothing less than spectacular in ... Continue Reading

Art Deco Photographs

Collecting Original 1920's and 1930's Art Deco Photographs Together with top quality reproductions, original art deco photographs show the fixation the Art Deco period had with the female form. Black and white photos from the period show beautiful, stunning, slim and sylph-like figures. Figures that echo the super model figure so much admired today Which is in part, the reason why art deco photographs are highly collectible and becoming very popular with interior design professionals. ... Continue Reading

Antiques Road Show (3)

The third collection of antiques & collectibles submitted by antique collectors looking for help with antique identification. This time including art deco clocks, Japanese tea sets, Chinese chargers and ivory figures. As well as an antique Pagoda tea cup & saucer, Moorcroft pottery, Wedgwood plates and a nice Jean-Louis Godivier Chair. The headings and descriptions in the antiques road show are those of the owner, and they may be right or they might be wrong. If you feel you ... Continue Reading

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