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Antique Terms (E)

The Antique Marks Glossary - Antique Terms E Here you will find antique terms beginning with E covering everything from Earthenware to Escapement and enamel to Exeter plus many more that you might find useful. charles eames(architect - USA - 1907-1978) Architect and furniture designer who alongwith eero saarinen, explored the potential of new materials such as plywood, aluminium and steel. Developed his knowledge of plywood moulding during the second world war, and later used the ... Continue Reading

Antique Terms (O)

The antique marks glossary - antique terms O covering everything from oak to oystering. From oak to oystering; below you will find antique related words for antique terms o and their antique meanings and definitions. oak (wood - medieval furniture - arts & crafts) Pale, hard and heavy timber that darkens to a rich brown with age and polishing. It was the main furniture-making wood during medieval times and up until about c1660, a period sometimes referred to as the Age of Oak. Oak ... Continue Reading

Antique Terms (P)

The Antique Glossary featuring antique related words or antique terms beginning with 'P' Including everything from palissy to pyrex and many more that you might find useful. padouk (wood - andaman - fretwork - amboyna) Hard, heavy wood, varying from golden-brown to crimson in colour with a darker figuring. It was imported to Britain from the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal and from Burma from the 18thC, and used for decorative woodwork such as fretwork, and occasionally for ... Continue Reading

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