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Gaudy Welsh Pottery

Gaudy Welsh is a strange name for a style of pottery that has been produced for almost a century. From Hilditch in the 1820's to Charles Allerton in the 1920's, Welsh factories made their own contributions to Gaudy Welsh, particularly the Cambrian Pottery. Staffordshire though is where much of the collectable Gaudy Welsh pottery originates. The name Gaudy Welsh was first coined after the 2nd World War, by American collectors and antique dealers Dealers and collectors who found that ... Continue Reading

Turner Watercolor Painting of Cockatiels

This Cockatiels Watercolor by an artist named Turner, was my grandmothers by Suzanne Wilson (Waldron, AR) Gran was honored with the Turner watercolor on a Mothers Day at church long ago for having the most family members at church that day. My grandfather unusually decided to come with her that day making her family the most in attendence that day. I have always remembered that painting in her house and it gave me so much peace to see it. I asked her for the turner watercolor ... Continue Reading

White Ladies Antiques Shop

At White Ladies Antiques Shop we specialise in 19th and 20th century pottery and porcelain from Britain and Europe. We have an excellent track record on safe delivery as packing is professionally done Continue Reading

Antique Resource Sites

Interesting Antique Resources and informative references outside the antique marks site. A useful selection of antique associations and other resources that should help with any area of antiques but especially antique collecting. No matter whether you collect silver, glass, china or any other antique collectibles, there are always diverse opinions and various interpretations on what is rare, what is valuable and or what is just downright fake. Assessing and evaluating those opinions ... Continue Reading

Antique Restorers & Antique Furniture Restoration

Antique Restorers and Antique Furniture Restoration Finding good antique restorers and those that deal in antique furniture restoration can be difficult. Antique furniture restoration requires many specialist skills as does the restoration of ceramics and art work. A good furniture restorer can bring life back to faded and jaded finishes on antique furniture and conjure up invisible repairs to scrapes and scratches. A talented porcelain or pottery restorer can perform miracles on broken and ... Continue Reading

Blue & White Kraak Porcelain Wanli 1573 to 1620

This Wanli Blue and White Kraak Charger, possibly Ming 1610 to 1630, was a gift from friends in Europe about 25 years ago. by Barbara Bojorquez (Saltillo, MS, USA) Top photo shows the decoration on my, possibly Ming, Wanli Blue & White Kraak porcelain charger I've had this Kraak charger stored on the top shelf in the closet until a couple of months ago when I was reminded of it. I've had a number of comments from Antique Dealers and experts that gave me the above information ... Continue Reading

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