Help with Wedgwood set!

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Sun Jun 13, 2021 9:40 pm

Someone donated a set of Wedgwood pottery to help raise funds for my nonprofit organization. The three items are in really good condition, with minor "bruises" on the feet.
    A soap dish with the words "WEDGWOOD," a registered trademark symbol, "MADE IN ENGLAND," and the letter "J" (I think).
      A small... cake stand? with the words "WEDGWOOD," a registered trademark symbol, "MADE IN ENGLAND," "BHI"(?), and the number "76" on it.
        A pitcher with the words "WEDGWOOD," a registered trademark symbol, "ENGLAND," and the numbers "24" and possibly an "11" on it.

        I would love some advice about what to do with these pieces! Honestly if they are worth a lot, I might reconnect with the person who donated them because she thought maybe we could get $50 for the set. I am thinking they might be worth much more than that.
        Bottom of Pitcher
        Bottom of Cake Stand
        Cake Stand
        Bottom of Soap Dish
        Soap Dish
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        Mon Jun 21, 2021 3:07 pm

        The pattern is Celadon Jasperware by WEDGWOOD ... ern=113844

        This link shows retail prices of products currently available for sale. You can, also, check ebay or Etsy to see what people are actually willing to pay.

        I saw the pitcher on the first page. There are several pages in the pattern. Happy scrolling! I hope this helps! ❤️
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