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Browne, Westhead and Moore Rose pattern bowl

Posted: Thu Oct 29, 2020 7:07 pm
by HayleyLouise
Hello, I have just been given this large bowl which belonged to my Nan - it is thought that she may have inherited it from her mum. She used it for mixing her Christmas cakes, which is why have it, but the size of it makes me think it could be part of a wash stand.
I have found similar patterns online but can’t find one exactly the same - this one is marked “Rose” (see the maker’s mark photo) and has the registration number 128964. There is also something imprinted in the bottom, which I can’t read (although it looks like it may say “WC” or NC”), it has the maker's name imprinted and the number 44.
If anyone has any knowledge of what it is, or when it was made, I’d be really grateful.

Many thanks,