Approx age/value brass candlesticks

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Tue Sep 08, 2020 10:06 pm

I wonder if someone could give me a vague idea of the age of these brass candlesticks. They were my grandmothers and I am guessing 1930s but could be after or before. They were in Lancashire for many years - not sure where they were originally from.

About 22 cm tall with round bases - one has a slight dent in the base. One has a pushup inside - the other may have had one previously.

Just a vague notion - not expecting them to be worth much but feel they are worth an enquiry as I have had them for many years. They have been cleaned regularly and were on display with other brasses at my grandmothers for many years so kept in very nice condition. They have been in storage for a few years so one has become more tarnished.

There is also a smaller pair somewhere very similar but half the size.

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