Early Jesuit Bolivian Silver

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Hi all

I was recently gifted some items by an elderly friend of mine, some of which I think could be quite valuable -- but I'm really not sure who/where I can go to in order to have them appraised -- as I imagine these items may require some kind of specialist in order to verify their authenticity.

I thought I'd post the pictures here to see if any resident experts could be of assistance in first determining whether or not these items could indeed be of high monetary value -- and if so -- perhaps some recommendations on trusted people/places I can get in touch with to organize a hands-on valuation.

The story goes, my elderly friend (now in her late eighties) traveled to and stayed in Bolivia for some months (around 50+ years ago). During her time there she visited an old Jesuit missionary church in Santiagio de Chiquitos, where she "stumbled on" an old wooden box which contained some bits & pieces, including some ornate silver items. Apparently she was told she could take a couple items. I really don't know the exact details of how this all occurred as she was quite vague in recalling the story -- but at the end of the day the point is she (and now myself) have come to acquire what appears to be an ornate solid silver "cup" and spoon, which looks to have been made by the "Chiquitanos" from early Jesuit period (anywhere from late 1600s to late 1700s is my guess).

Any opinions/thoughts/recommendations on these would be much appreciated!

bolivian-jesuit-silver-03.jpg (81.41 KiB) Viewed 1402 times
bolivian-jesuit-silver-04.jpg (51.09 KiB) Viewed 1402 times
bolivian-jesuit-silver-05.jpg (40.8 KiB) Viewed 1402 times
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