Need help authenticating story behind antique blue mirror glass table...

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This table that was gifted to me as an apology from a good friend, comes with a story dating it just before 1900. Now the glass is supposed to be made by Tiffany's. In the border is the hidden history, as told to my friend and then to me by a 103 year-old gentleman. He just happened to recognize the table while a guest in her home. This is supposed to be the 17th in a series of 47 or so made for the governor's of the United States at the time by a combination of Tiffany's, Chippendale's, and Cortia. I believed the story completely until I realized that there is no governor of Long Island. So, where does the information become inaccurate? My friend wouldn't lie, but she has suffered a stroke. The gentleman, I have not met. I do not know the source of his information, only that he was willing to spend quite a bit of money on the table.
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