Identifying Antiques and Furniture - Introduction and Instructions

Have an item to identify or valuate? Post photos here or Help others with their Antiques and Furniture.
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Greetings Everyone!

We all know the excitement of finding a mysterious, unknown piece and the anxiety that follows until we find out more about it. Sentimental value aside we must also know - is it a treasure? Should you keep it or throw it away?

Well post your photos here by clicking "New Topic" and me and other fellow members will do our best to help identify those pieces for you.
Here are a couple of guidelines to make this easier for everyone:

1. Make sure you post at least 2 photos of the item. The better the quality the better the chance to identify it.
2. Don't forget to look for any marks on the object and make photos of them too.
3. Any provenance, such as where did the item came from could be useful.
4. By posting any photos you agree to let me use them in future articles on the blog should I determine they could be useful, this helps develop further and keep the web site online.

Good luck!
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Thu Aug 23, 2018 7:29 pm

Just purchased a coffee table with four draws in the bottom and found two of these marks on the side and in the draw any clues as to who these are?
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