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Chinese craft box

Posted: Mon Oct 07, 2019 8:06 am
by Smartie
Hi I was wondering if anyone could tell me anothing about this hand carved box I received from a house removal plz.It is still drying out as it was left outside for sometime.I have part of the makers signature for inside the box still attached to a piece of green torn felt that still had a few gold tac's.there are 3 separate compartments the box on the left has 3 small drawers each with a design on the face of the drawer.the box on the right has a door again with a design on the face it has 1 shelf inside.the middle box had an opening lid inside is a removable separater drawer with extra storage underneath the frount face of the middle box has a drawer,I assume every inside surface had green felt attached at some point with their being quite a few tackle holes round the edoes of every inside surface.any help would be very much appreciated thank you