17th C Chinese?

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Sun Oct 06, 2019 3:29 pm

Hello All,

I picked up a small Asian piece at a thrift store near Cleveland Ohio, and am overwhelmed trying to identify it.
There is a little slightly yellowed piece of paper taped inside, typed in German, which translated in English it to say “very old piece, old Quality, 17th Century. Also added was a handwritten number as if it was once added to an auction.

It has a red square mark on bottom, which I can’t find an exact mark match anywhere on the internet.
And the pieces with similar decorative styles that I find have either English marks on bottom from 19th century, or are sitting Southerbys with a blue mark on bottom.

Any information would be appreciated. I wish I knew an expert I could take it to in The Cleveland area,. Our museum states on it’s website that it does not appraise so I’m assuming it would not even look at it.

Thank you so much.... I am hoping it may be worth more than the $3 I payed.
China vase 1
China vase 2
China vase 3
China vase 4
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