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Pair of vases identification/valuation

Posted: Thu Aug 15, 2019 1:45 pm
by simonjr
I have this pair of vases I would like to know more about and their value. Unfortunately I have no idea of their history so the pictures will have to do all the talking! There are no identifying marks except "314." on the underside of each. There is also a brown-yellow letter or number on each, one has an "A" or "4" and the other what might be a "C". Finally, there's what may be a 9 or 6 carved into each in much smaller size, it is a 9 on the A/4 vase and is above the 314, while the other appears as a 6 that is below the 314 when both are oriented with 314 the correct way up. I've included pictures. Any info would be gratefully received, as well as rough price guide. Thank you!