Blue and white teapot with stand

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Wed Aug 15, 2018 3:04 am

This was in my great grandmother's collection.
She had a variety of porcelain and depression glass as well.
She was born in 1912 in rural NE Kansas. She and my great grandfather travelled throughout the States from the start of the great depression until the war. He was an engineer for infastructure projects commissioned by the New Deal.
My grandmother (their daughter) was born in 1938 in Versailles, MO.
He was enlisted, and I can only assume he was deployed as we haven't found any mementos of his time abroad.
They eventually settled in Jefferson County, KS where he opened a successful garage and became mayor of their small town.

I'd like to know:
-The name of this pattern or design
-The name of this particular shape
-The time period
-The maker, if possible. (I can't seem to locate any information on this particular mark. It seems pretty generic, and they were modest folk despite being well off even during the recession.)
-How do I clean it?
-Should I insure it?

Thank you!!
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